The Roland Garros is the second Grand Slam tournament held just after the Australian Open. It takes place in France at the Roland Garros Tennis Complex. The tournament is a two-week event that decides the winners in five adult categories and four junior categories. Matches like enzo couacaud v pablo carreno busta draw large crowds. This tennis tournament is very popular all over the world and the best tennis players always compete here. If you want to follow a sporting event like this, it makes sense to study the tournament and enjoy the professionals.

French Open: Rules of the tournament

There are two ways to enter the competition:

  • The top ATP and WTA ranking enters the tournament directly.
  • The other runners-up have to compete in a qualification match which starts two weeks before the main event.

Based on the results, 128 athletes remain, who play for the championship between them. There are also exceptions to the rules. For example, for some reputable tennis players exceptions may be made in the form of direct entry to the tournament. That is, they do not need to qualify.

Where do Roland Garros games take place?

The host club has a total of 24 courts, three of which are considered to be the main courts. Semi-finals and finals are played on them. The other courts are used for the earlier stages. Roland Garros is considered a world tournament on clay, as that’s the surface of the courts. It’s quite complicated and doesn’t allow for accurate ball bounce. Because of this, surprises often happen when a clear favourite loses to a weaker opponent.

What does the winner of Roland Garros get?

The main thing that competitors compete for is recognition, as winning one of the Grand Slam tournaments is a great success and an indicator of skill. However, there are also financial rewards:

  • First place brings in more than two million euros.
  • Second places earn a million.
  • There are also rewards for winning each qualifying round.

Roland Garros is one of the four most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. These four are known as the “Grand Slam tournaments”. Roland Garros is played on clay courts and in recent years Spain’s Rafael Nadal has been particularly successful on these courts, winning the event a whopping ten times! There are many other professional athletes competing in the tournament as well. So if you’re a tennis fan, it makes sense to start watching these matches.