If the control before hitting the Slopes is very important, also, making your way to be safe while on the slopes is of equal importance. You need to estimate a lot of factors so you can reduce your risks of getting injured. Here you can find some of the things that you need to pay attention to when you are on the slopes:

  • Is important that you maintain control. At this time, you should know your ability in skiing and the slopes. Ski within your capacity. If you realize that you are on a slope that is beyond your Skiing ability, keep your Skis on and side step down that slope.
  • When you start to ski, you should take several slow ski turns to warm you up.
  • It is better to be in company of your partner. Have a skiing partner and do not lose sight of each other. If you lose your partner, stop some minutes and wait for your partner.
  • You must stay on marked trails and don’t ski on avalanche prone areas like steep slope which do not have enough vegetation.
  • Drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration.
  • Remember that skiing and drinking alcohol are not a good combination. The same way for taking medicines. Some medicines and drugs have side effects like making you somnolent or affect your senses.
  • If you are tired, It would be a good idea that you stop and take a rest. Fatigue can increase your chances of getting injuries.

You shouldn’t trust the fact that the injury rate in skiing is much lower compared to other sports. Accidents can occur and injuries are inevitable. Though there are on-site Ski Patrols that will come to your aid if ever something bad happens, be responsible enough to ensure your safety. Therefore, you can do much in order to reduce chances of getting yourself injured.