The first initiatives come from the conference venue Berchtesgaden. And they are also the reason why Germany was awarded the contract to host the UNWTO conference for the first time. More quality than quantity – that is the motto of the newly founded Berchtesgaden working group “Sustainable Tourism”. The most important measures are: The successful establishment of the mountaineering village of Ramsau, which completely dispenses with ski slopes and cable cars, in favor of snowshoe courses or tours, electric boats on the Königssee, the demand for more national park rangers to control the flow of visitors. And the conscious turning away from day tourism is how Berchtesgaden’s District Administrator Georg Grabner:

“They will still come, there is no doubt about that, but we do not want to participate in price gouging, always more and still cheaper and channel people through here, but people should experience the region as they do is, and then have added value. “