Ski is a beautiful sport and exciting, where you can become part of environment and the nature. You can visit a lot of places and appreciate landscapes, helped by your skis. Nevertheless, you will not be able to appreciate and enjoy the sport as well as the impressive environment that skiing has to offer if you are literally cold on your feet and all your body. If you want keeping yourself warm in the middle of snow is impossible, think again. Make yourself competent of combating cold by taking note of these guidelines:

  • While you more high be, the temperature of the air is colder. Even if the weather is sunny, do not get conceited. The temperature up on the north-facing slopes is far lower than when you are near the base lodge. Moreover, the wind will be more strong as you go higher in the mountain. Moving air can efficaciously lower our temperature, or what weather reports refer to as the wind chill factor. This is the temperature of still air that is equivalent in coldness to wind at a higher actual temperature. A wind chill chart can come in handy if you need to know the chill factor.
  • You must protect your temperature. Wear the appropriate ski clothes for the intention of keeping you warm. The right kind of clothes can keep you warm by trapping air. So, dressing in layers forms air traps to save body heat. Layering also permits you to accommodate the constantly changing temperature of your body. For example, dress in polypropylene underwear. It keeps you warm, absorbs sweat, dries quickly, and it feels nice on your skin. Also, wear a turtleneck, sweater, and a jacket.
  • In the case that your clothes can’t conserve enough heat, you can acquire more by active skiing. It generates body heat of up to five times more than just sitting. But before starting to ski, have some exercises of preheating. Run and jump around and do some stretching to get your muscles flexible. When you ride in a chairlift, tighten and relax your grip on the poles, wiggle your toes, and stretch out your legs to warm up your thighs.
  • Also the factor of climate plays a very important role, for example, the weather may take its toll on your skin. Be careful since the light’s reflection off the snow can drastically increase chances of skin damage. Apply sun block with a high sun protection factor or SPF. Make sure to apply lip balm or moisturizer as often as needed. Cold weather can lead to cracking or swelling of you lips.
  • The food you consume plays a big role in fighting with cold. Fats, vitamins and proteins can provide the kind of energy you need in all the day. However, they cannot quickly give you heat energy. Instead, eat foods which are rich in carbohydrates. Likewise, foods with sugar are also advisable. You shouldn’t smoke cigarettes and not drink alcohol. Smoking can hinder enough blood circulation by constricting the capillaries, and though alcohol provides you warmth by dilating blood vessels, you will feel cold again in other time.

These are some advices of the factors to consider in making yourself warm in Skiing. Know how to face the cold so that you will have a more comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience.