Backcountry skiing is a term used for all kinds of skiing that is done in the wild, where there aren’t any lifts, any circuit, any lodge, any patrol, or other comforts. It is the basic, just you, your ability, and nature. Backcountry Skiing is for more advanced Skiers only and you will need to have a lot more knowledge and other Skiing skills before you leave the safe environment that snow resorts create.

Backcountry skiing is one of the most pleasant, relaxing and rewarding activities of our lives. We enjoy the company of our friends, and we find the skiing to be incomparable in quality. We enjoy the terrain we ski through, and we enjoy the solitude that a little effort will bring.

Backcountry skiing gives you opportunity to enjoy the mountains. All the mountains in winter are ever changing and marvellous. The snow can be piled high on the mountains when the grass is still green. The adventurer needs to be independent, a good navigator, capable of skiing in many different snow conditions, and physically fit, as well as knowledgeable on how to stay warm in extreme cold.

The thrill of finding the perfect run and the persecution of virgin powder are what drive’s the backcountry skier. There are no limits on where you can ski. Plus you inevitably find a run and make first tracks. This exaltation does come at a price. A backcountry skier always runs the hazard of getting lost, getting caught in an avalanche or getting hurt. Not to mention, it’s possible to leap off a blind cornice, only to find the slope steeper than your skills can handle.

Backcountry skiing has many hazards; the spring and winter backcountry can be fatal to the unprepared, or to some of the well prepared who are simply unlucky.